Like a Sunflower under the Bright Sun | Heavenletters

God said:

Being true to Me is the same as being true to yourself. There is Truth to the concept that it is not your will but Mine. At the same time, on the deep deep levels of Truth, My Will and your Will are One. There is no difference between them. Only on the surface levels, only so far as your consciousness can delve is there any difference. Only so far as you can see can any difference exist.

Truth is Truth. The ultimate Truth is that We are One. The ultimate Truth is that agreement is absolute. That is the Truth, yet not the Truth as it is seen in the relative world, on that surface you skate on.

On the surface of life, what you seek is confirmation that you are loved. Between the surface and the depths, there are layers of Truth according to your perception – or misperception.

I love, and, despite what you may feel at any moment, the Truth is that My capacity for love and your capacity for love are one and the same. What I am, are you. That you shorten your perception, while on Earth, does not change the fact of what you truly are. You are far more than you presently see. Under the bright sun, you are careful how you open your eyes. Your eyes cannot take in the Brightness of the Sun all at once. That does not mean that the Sun is not there. It just means that your eyes are slow at opening wide. The Sun is Truth, and yet the eyes are cautious, or even resistant to the Sun.

Perception, however, does not change the Reality. Perception is only perception. We can consider your eyelids like umbrellas that open slowly. This doesn’t mean that your eyelids cannot open all the way. Of course, they can. And, of course, they will.

You just haven’t seen all the blessings right before you yet. They are there, yet unseen.

You are, however, someone who seeks to see what has always been right before you. You have a vague memory of Truth. You are bewildered to be without the awareness of Truth. Truth has become a memory you can’t quite yet bring up to the surface. It is buried and, still, even in vagueness, something of Truth arises within you. What you are seeking is what you already know and yet have not quite yet announced to yourself. It is there within you, something like courage that waits for an opportunity to declare itself.

And, so, you are a seeker of what you have heretofore blinded yourself to. Your recognition will be like a field of daisies that seemingly blossoms all at once. The time will come when you wonder how you did not see the daisies early on. They were budding right within you.

Daisies are the day’s eyes, so to speak. The flowers are the sun shining within you. Your heart is full sunlight and budding flowers that reach the sun within you. All the petals are within you and can be picked at any time. All you have to do is to open your eyes, open your heart, open yourself like a sunflower to the bright sun.

You already know that you are at the horizon of something wonderful. You know you are so close, so close to Me and so close to yourself. You are on the verge. You are at the verge of the summit. You are at the summit and have not yet dared see where you really are. You continue to climb a mountain when you have always lived on the peak. You are already risen. You just haven’t quite caught on yet. Yet you will. Yet you are rising to where you have always been and have never been anywhere else. Welcome.