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God said:

My light is always shining. I am not a sun that sets. I am ever a sun that rises. I rise in the East and I rise in the West, and I rise in the North and the South. In every direction, I am seen. There is nowhere you can turn where I am not. You are always in My view, and I am in yours, whether you acknowledge it or not.

I am your Guardian Angel. Of course, I appoint other angels too. And I appoint you an angel on Earth to subsidize all the other angels on Earth. I am a Provider. You are more than a survivalist. You are a provider too. You are a worldwide provider. You fill in the gaps. Whatever is perceived as needed, you are quick to be there, for you are quick in your service to Me. You serve no other.

You must know that it is a great privilege to serve Me. You fight in line to serve Me. You would stay up all night in order to be first to serve Me. Of course, there is wakefulness in your service to Me, yet there is no reason to stand in line. You will be called on. No one is skipped over. No one is left out. There is always enough service to go around.

Perhaps you have thought that service to Me is something you have to go out of your way to do. Not at all. You do it on your way. On your way to wherever you are going, you turn on a light so that others may see Me where I always am. You are a lamplighter. You light the lamp of love.

Actually, the lamp of love was lit eons ago, so you are merely the one who carries the light. We can call you the Light-bearer. Of course, My light weighs nothing. You dance in the breeze, and My love is safe with you. You will not diminish it. You simply carry it. There is nothing else you can do about My light except to carry it. Where you go, My light goes.

Consider that you wear a flower of My light in your hair. Consider that My light is a ring on your finger, and you can never take it off to wash dishes or any other thing. And so you are My ring-bearer. None of this is heavy. Why, beloveds, My love is as light as air. It is definitely not a burden.

Steeped in My light, there is nothing for you to do but to radiate it. There is no switch you have to turn on. You are, and as you are, My light is on you. You are spotlighted. There is no end to it.

You are rewarded with a gift of light that you shine and so share with all who are hungry for it. And that is everyone. No one is ever over-stuffed with My light. It fills everywhere. It breaks all boundaries, and yet no one knows how sated he is with My love. Filled with My light, he can even feel empty. He does not yet recognize the Fullness of Everything and the Fullness of Nothing. My light fills every cranny on Earth and not on Earth. My light fills every cranny. You are so lit with My light, you do not always discern it.

Discern it now. Know without doubt that you are lit from within, and that it is My light that lights you. My light spills over. You can’t help it. My light which is as light as air loves to shine off you. What can you do but let it?

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