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God said:

Imperfection in the Human realm is no surprise, for you have high standards of behavior and appearance. Better to have higher consciousness, and then your vision will transcend imperfection. When light is so dazzling, what imperfection can be seen? Aglow in the bright light, you savor light. You see beyond distractive details. When gold is before you, what attention do you pay to tin?

And if the gold in your hand is imperfect, what do you care? It is still gold. Even if it isn’t the prettiest piece of gold you ever saw, it is still gold.

Appearances and standards trick you on all sides, if not every time, at least a lot. What at first seemed terrific may lose its glow. And what you may have disdained turns out to be the most beautiful of all.

Oh, yes, it is necessary to get beyond the surface, beyond all the impressions, beyond all the perspectives you learned along the way, for they are impediments to your happiness. Dismiss the impediments and not My children who appear before you. The treasures of Heaven are everywhere and you may miss happiness by over-discernment.

If everyone or someone must look a certain way, or sound a certain way, you have restricted your life. The same way a gray overcast day can be a wonderful day, so can My children, bright or dim, be wonderful.

It is beautiful the diversity in the world. Give yourself a chance to embrace it.

Would you really want everyone to have the same religion, be a certain height, a certain build? Would you want all customs to change into yours? Would you outlaw different cuisines and different flavors and keep only one, the one you happened to fall into? Do you really want everything so uniform that you will fight for it and uphold that alone?

It is amazing to Me what you find to pick at. You feel one way about one last name and another way about another. What kind of basis is that? You even make a big deal about skin color, nationality, wealth, learning. Let there be coexistence. If you must rank everything in the world, what else will you have time for, and what would the value be?

The differences are not what create your judgment. You create your judgment. Why on Earth would you have to think that your way is superior to another if you were not frightened in some way? Why would you call your way superior and another’s inferior unless you are unsure?

If gold is gold, there is nothing to argue. There is nothing to debate. Yet all metals have their uses and their value. Metals are good. It is no secret that there are different metals. In the world of metals, gold is king. Yet all metals fulfill something in the universe that another metal cannot.

With jewels, it is the same. Do you have to choose between diamonds, rubies, and emeralds? Are not amethyst and opal and every other gemstone also beautiful? Must garnets be changed into diamonds? You would not waste your time.

Maybe you really do like diamonds and rubies and emeralds. Would you as much if you were innocent of the value the world puts on them? Like the child, you might pick a glistening stone from the river.

Cannot everything be precious to you? Must you sort My children as though they were stones?

Must you be anything at all but what you are? And must anyone or anything be anything at all but what they are?

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