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God said:

Of thee I sing. You are the song of My heart. You are the whisper of My soul. You are My entire Being flung to the world. You are the music of the Spheres.

You are My heart’s delight. You are not less. You are less only in the imaginings of your mind. That you are in a physical body does not hamper you. It is only a covering. Yet, so long as your mind thinks the body hampers you, your body hampers you.

Even so, you know that there is nowhere your mind cannot go. You are not imprisoned in your body. You are imprisoned in your mind. If your mind says you are imprisoned, you are imprisoned. You are My Divinity on Earth. Whose Divinity did you think you were? And yet you have thought that you lack Divinity. You may lack usage of it, yet you are Divinity Itself.

If you are a star, you are a wandering wondering star. There are millions of stars in the sky, and you can see many of them. Yet you are a star in the sky, and it may be that you see only yourself. I take that back. You do not see even yourself. You perhaps see holes in the sky, and you incorporate the holes into your mind, into your heart. Yet, no matter your blinking, you cannot change the Truth, and I speak the Truth. You are My Infinite Majesty. A fallen star? No, a star fallen only in your own vision or lack of vision.

You are My Mightiness on Earth. There is not one of you whom I did not choose. I chose every particle of you. I chose you for Myself. I chose you to act on My behalf, and when you do, it is no act. It is Reality.

Never consider yourself a fake, an imposter. It is not imposing for you to admit to yourself that I made you My wand on Earth. I sent My Light to Earth in the form of you. There is no discussion of this. It is you who has to change your mind about your proclivities.

It is you who is to sing a new song. Sing My song, beloveds. Sing a song of love so great that it hammers in your heart, and you break out in light, My bright light shining on Earth for all to see, for all to see Me.

Who would you be representing on Earth if not Me? Well, yes, you have spent a lot of time representing your ego self, and now you stand up. You stand up for Me. What a mighty Presence am I in you. What a mighty Presence you are, not in your own right, but in Mine.

Always remember Whose Child You Are. You are not anonymous. And you are not disparate. You are not separate. In illusion, you have believed that you are a little lost star of small dimensions. Oh, Beloveds, you will believe anything.

You believe whatever anyone tells you. Now believe what I tell you. Believe and be. I do not tell you to believe and become, for you already are all that I say you are.

You are like silver put away in a drawer. You put yourself in the drawer. And you are silver that appears tarnished. Tarnish is not you. It is a film over you. You are the true silver beneath. I would say you are gold, but gold does not tarnish. Otherwise, I would call you the Gold of My Heart and leave it at that. Now I have spoken, and now you have heard.

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