The Beat of God’s Heart | Heavenletters

God said:

The beat of My heart is a steady beat. I do not have palpitations. I do not have mood swings. I do not get red in the face. My temperature does not go up and down. I do not frown. The songs I sing have perfect pitch. I hear everything. I understand everything. I am changeless. I know I am God.

You are changeable, up and down, back and forth. You do not yet know your basis. You do not yet know Who you are, Who you really are. You feel it is too presumptive to think you are anything but an unfortunate human being, or you think it is too conceited to think so, or too unbelievable. You do not know nor accept the Godness of you, and, therefore, you are changeable. Your thoughts and moods are like the wind. You think you are insubstantial.

Of course, you have to change, beloveds. I do not mean to say that change is a poor thing. Take no offense, but change is in order for you. You cannot stay the same. Change is the name of the game on Earth. Fortunately, you have Me to balance you. I am solid like the Rock of Gibraltar – solider — because the Rock of Gibraltar is changing too. While you learn to walk on Earth, I hold your hand. You are learning to balance yourself. You are learning that you are your own Father.

Beloveds, I do not speak of belief. Certainly not, for what do I believe in? I believe in nothing. I know everything. Belief is only an opinion, a mere opinion, perhaps an opinion held by many. What does belief have to do with Truth anyway? You have beliefs that may be true and beliefs that may not be, and so you have misbeliefs. Beliefs don’t really have to do with much. It is good to believe in Me, and it is good to believe in you. It is better for your relaxation for you to believe in Me than to disbelieve in Me, yet what do your beliefs really have to do with anything? I don’t just believe in your capabilities. I know your capabilities.

What does it matter if you think water is wet or you think water is dry? Water is what it is. What does it matter if you think a mountain is high or medium? Mountains are the height they are regardless of what you think about them. What does it matter to the weather if you think it is hot or cold? Of course, you are certainly affected by your thoughts.

This does not mean to say that your thoughts are powerless. Your thoughts influence even the mountains and the water and the weather, for your thoughts affect everything in the Universe, everything except Me, naturally. Most of all, your thoughts affect you. Your thoughts make you hearty, and they make you ill. They make you happy, and they make you sad. You are more than influenced by your thoughts. Your entire life depends upon them.

This is a good reason why you don’t want to be a grouch. This is a good reason why you don’t want to moan and groan about anything. It is really true what the children say, that you will stick that way. The thing is when you are grouchy and/or complain, you are listening to every word you say. Be careful what you listen to. Do not say I didn’t caution you.

You are growing toward balance, beloveds, towards an even keel. Havoc is on its way out. No longer will you play havoc with yourself.

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