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God said:

The only purpose of darkness can be to emphasize the light. In this sense, darkness is a nurturer. Consider that it is. Consider that darkness is a blessing. Hidden from view, blessing nevertheless it is.

Where can you go from darkness but into the light? In that sense, darkness is a direct path.

From the illusion of darkness comes the reality of light.

It is not that you adjust your eyes to darkness. It is that you see beyond the darkness.

Darkness is like a quilt that is drawn up over you. Quilts can be removed. They always are. You throw them off and get up. Light is to be uncovered. Darkness cannot hide light for long. Darkness certainly cannot vanquish light. Light comes out into the open. And it opens everything to itself.

Even in the world of days and nights, night propels the day. Daytime pushes the night out of the way. It rolls it over. Night is the precursor to day.

Darkness appears, but darkness is not. It only appears. It descends on light, but light raises darkness up like a window-shade. Darkness falls. Light rises. Light raises darkness to light. Light shines upon the whole universe. There is no angle from which light does not come. There is no angle upon which light does not shine.

Darkness of soul is light awakening. Darkness is the mirage. Light is the oasis.

The true nature of darkness is light. Light alone is.

Let light shine from your heart. Bask in the light of your heart. Warm the universe with the light from the sun of your heart.

You are sunlight as it enters a room. You are sun as it appears on the rim of the earth. You are full sun. Fullness of light, you approach the universe.

Let your light be the aura of the universe. All eyes look to the sun. They expect the sun to appear. Let everyone expect light from you. Your light is not meant to be hidden or held in reserve. Your light is not for later. It is for right now.

Light cannot be stored. It can only be restored to those who have imagined it absent.

Shine your light brightly. It need not flicker. Let it glow steadily.

Only your intellect would make your light waver. Only your intellect would hold light in abeyance. Only the heart can shine light. Your heart is the reflector of the sun.

Next to the sunlight of love, intellect is a small flame.

Love is no big thing. It is natural, just like light. Love is indistinguishable from light. They are one and the same.

Love lights up hearts. All are happy to witness love. Let love be the light you see by. Light your life with love. Your heart is not a cave. Your heart is a great opening of light. Every nook and cranny of your heart is filled with light. Look within. Let your love seep into the universe. Let your love blaze across the universe.

You do not need to teach your heart to love. You just need to allow it to. Let your heart follow its own course. It has its own light. Take heart from your heart. It will not lead you astray.

Love is not self-indulgent. It is too big for that. Isolate smallness is not love. Love does not spoil the child. Love enriches.

Let the light and love of your heart spill over the universe. Let your heart be a river that flows. Let your heart be an ocean that surrounds. Let your heart shine on all, the way a bright sun illuminates itself on the rippling waves of water. Let your heart be a sunflower. Let your heart grow to the Sun.

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