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God said:

Do not make a monster of fear in any of its forms. You may have been quite proficient in looking at fear, yet fear is not so fearful as you have thought. You have taken it far too seriously, as if it were the master of your life, as if you have to dodge fear as you would moving traffic. Even in heavy traffic, you can still can get across the street.

Or consider fear a curtain put before you. The curtain would have you see only itself, yet you are capable of opening a curtain and seeing out beyond its confinement. The curtain is still there, but you moved it aside.

So walk through fear.

Fear does not have to stop you. You do not need to mull it over and look at it from every which way. Fear is not so momentous. When you walk down the street, someone may walk beside you, but that does not interfere with your walking. Consider fear as just a shadow next to you. It does not have to possess you. It does not have to overcome you.

Fear is not a stranger to be afraid of. You have known it very well.

Fear is not a policeman. Fear is not the law. Fear is not the governor. Let not fear govern you.

Do not make fear a returning hero that you give homage to. Fear is not the maker of you. I am the Maker of you.

Nor is fear the undoer of you. Fear is only incidental to you. It has not great power over you except that which you decree.

If fear paralyzes you and makes you sit in a corner, you have anointed it and given it domain over you, even when you don’t know what it is that you believe fear will do to you. Do you perhaps fear that it will abandon you, and you will be left bereft without your familiar companion? Do you perhaps feel you wouldn’t know what to do without the stuttering of fear? Might it mean that you would be left with the freedom to move forward if you weren’t shackled to it?

Has fear perhaps become a handy excuse you make to yourself?

When there is something worthy on the other side of the street, cross it.

When there is something worthy you want at the top of a tree, climb it.

When fear stops you, reconsider.

You have nothing to prove. You do not need to prove you are mightier than fear, nor do you need let fear prove that it is mightier than you.

The joker is you don’t really know what it is you fear. You may feel a blanket of dread over you, and yet are unaware of what the fear is aimed at. What is so fearful? What is it you are afraid of?

Do you fear love so much that you would choose fear over it?

How much fear do you choose to accommodate in your life? How much fear is enough?

If fear has stalked you, turn around and face it. You thought it was huge, but now you see what a little thing it really is. Now you can walk around it or step over it.

Why live your life in the name of fear when you can live it in the name of love? Fear is a vagrant traveler who seeks a comfortable home with you. Fear has accepted enough handouts from you. Send it on its way.

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