Life on Earth in New Light | Heavenletters

God said:

There is only one thing to immerse yourself in. What could that be? What on earth else could it be but Me — Us?

Into everything else, dip lightly. Do not immerse yourself so deeply that you stay in mood, habit, or thought.

If you can concede that life — your life — is for enjoyment, would you not then operate differently on this planet called earth? If you were here singularly for joy, what would your walk be like? The expression on your face? The thoughts in your mind? Your exchange with others? Would that one bit of awareness not take away wrinkles from your face and a load off your back?

Have you perhaps thought you were on earth for stress and strain, disappointment, even heartbreak? Well, what expression have you worn on your face? What has your motto in life been? Has it been: “I am here on earth for the joy of it?” Well, why not?

Make this your motto now: “I am on earth for joy. To give and receive it. I am here on earth for nothing but joy. Anything else I may think I am here for can only be a rumor, a refrain heard mistakenly, something misread on the contract I signed when I entered this plane. Whatever anyone else may think, whatever the entire world may think, I know what I am here for, and it is joy.”

Today, as you express what you are on earth for, express it without words. Words are too easy. They try to convince. You are not trying to convince yourself or anyone of the truth of why you are stationed here. Simply emblazon this motto I give you in your heart.

No need to express the joy of you in pictures either. Don’t have a snapshot of you with the title Joy under it. Do not think you must become a laugh a minute.

I shall tell you what you will become. You will become an appreciator. That’s all. But that is enough, and that is what has been very hard for you, day in and day out, to be an appreciator. Beyond dispute, this is what you must be.

But now it is easy because I have just pressed a signet of appreciation deep in your heart.

Today you are one who appreciates getting up, staying in, stepping out. You appreciate the sun that shines and the rain that falls. You appreciate the hot and the cold. You appreciate the dry and the wet. You appreciate whatever your foot falls on. You appreciate whatever your eye alights on.

In your silent appreciation, you will convey more joy than you ever conceived of. You will find that you are splashing joy like holy water. You will find that you are ringing a carillon of joy. And you will find that you are tripping over joy right and left. Joy will rise from you. Both your heart and mind will confirm joy because you are one who looks through eyes of appreciation.

Life has often been disguised. Within every morsel of life, whatever it may appear like, lies a treasure. How many undiscovered (unappreciated) diamonds have been tossed away during a lifetime, and how many shiny coppers have been kept?

Today, wherever you walk, the sun comes out because you will have brought it. By your notice of other hearts, you will ignite them, you, the flint that helps others to see themselves in My light.

You are the one relighting earth so that all may see as it is. My appreciation is of you.

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