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God said:

Nothing has to be the way you thought. Nothing has to be the way it has always been. All the rules in life are boundaries. Boundaries are departure points. They are not the limit of you.

Depart, depart from your frame of reference. Peek under. Peek above. See from other angles. See more. See another way. See the relative world one hundred new ways. And Me, only one.

Take a moment to look rather than remember what you thought yesterday. See what is before you with new eyes. See with new thoughts.

Turn your head. Stand upside-down and see what you see.

What if your life is a holy thing? What if your presence on earth is sacred? What if you were dispersed to the world for its betterment?

What if your juncture on earth is the flight of your wings?

What is there you have never seen?

What if your life is for far more than the dailyness it is immersed in?

What if every moment is a rich stew that you have only to stir?

What if you are a secret ingredient, secret to yourself?

What if you are a giant who strides across the ocean? The waves make way for him. The waves move before him. He walks through waves and the forest too. No bramble stops him. He walks through.

What if I, God, have energized you and set you on your footpath?

What if the birds sing for you, to tell you stories of great heroism and the possibilities of your scope?

What if every leafy branch that rubs against you is a caress?

What if every stranger is an old friend? Every old friend a new one?

What do you see anew today?

You are new. Each night’s sleep renews you, so you must be new. You are not who you were yesterday. Get over that thought. Wake up to yourself. Yesterday you were not even who you thought you were. There is so much you haven’t seen because you saw something else.

The sun shines new rays today. The sun doesn’t shine last year’s light. The sun always has more of its new light to shine.

You are the sun in your sphere of the world. You shed your light. The light is your wings that carry you.

Rise to Me. It is only in your awareness that you must rise. I am easily reached. I am accessible. I am here for you. I am here to bless you. I can only bless you, for you are My blessing.

Today bless someone you don’t know. Increase your circle.

It happens that you are in the physical longitude and latitude that you find yourself in. It happens like that, but it is not happenstance. You rose from somewhere, and you are rising still. You are a spiraling circle of light. You are a whirling dervish of light. You spatter My light as you twirl. But you do not go around in circles.

You step forward. You are never in the same place. You are forever rising. Let your thoughts rise with you. Take them with you. Don’t let them keep you bound. Your thoughts are not more meaningful than you.

If your present thoughts restrict you, change your thoughts. Try out new ones. Explore. Do not settle. Ask for more, and you will have more.

Consider the riches I have put before you and reach your hand out for them. They await you. They are at your bidding. Call them to you.

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